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Custom built

Custom built

In the cyclists world, if you want to stand out of the crowd, there is no better way than customizing your bike’s wheels ! Ultime Vélo is The ultimate reference when it comes to hand-built wheels. At Ultime Vélo, we have the know-how for you and we can guide you through your choice of parts and help you find the perfect lacing type, just right for your needs

If lightness is your major criteria of choice, we suggest you choose the best components available on the market, based on your weight, so that you get the most resistant, rigid and lasting wheels possible. If you fancy a touch of colour and exoticism, go for Chris King hubs and for colored nipples on your bike’s spokes..

Wheelbuilding is an art in itself and this is where Ultime Vélo proves to bean artist in its field… 

Contact us for an accurate quote based on your needs.

Brand listing:

Hubs: Chris King, Hope, Industry Nine, Stan's, DT Swiss, Shimano

Rims: Stan's, Velocity, DT Swiss, Sun Ringlé and many more

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